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 Story behind the name


ART is Individual aBILITY - not disability - it comes from within.

Healing through ART and BODY connection for kids and Vets with ARTibilities.


ARTiBILITY is a way to give back and release the creativity within everyone whatever their abilities might be.  It has always been a form of therapy for the soul - and still is for many.  The original founder Anna knows this struggle for years and art provides some of the relief that is so greatly needed with individuals with an Invisible Illness.  This includes not just adults but kids with Autism (or any illness) and many of our Veterans. Anna is a US Marine Corps Veteran and knows of the challenges many of her Veteran peers go through.  Especially ones that don't always look "sick" or "disabled".  Many times that is the forgotten group.  We provide items that have been created by others to support the mission.  As well as hand create many of the items with some of the proceeds going toward organizations. 

We have lots of fund-raising goals for Toys for Tots and other Veteran Organizations such as Heart of a Marine Foundation, Bravehearts and Operation Support Our Troops (OSOTIL).  We also support Project Ladybug (NJ) and Atia's Project Ladybug (Chicago), Autism and children's programs, Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Runs, Lupus Foundation, MS - Chicago Chapter, MG Foundation & more.


We resell items created by other artists to fund programs and their events or donate the items directly for auctions.  We also created items specifically for events or a cause. 

One of the fastest requested Gifts are for Nurses, Teachers, Runners.  The "Fall/Fly", "Dandelion" and "BOOTS", "B.A. Everyday" Collections are most sought after original designs.

We strive for quality materials but in all price ranges for all to enjoy.


Help us to help others find their ARTiBILITIES!!!

Thank you.




   Have Questions?


Contact our team directly at


Call 847-238-ARTi

     About the items

Our store has:

*Handcrafted: Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing, Shoes, Decor, Art, Crafts, Wood products, Metal products.

Also you will see items created by other artists, designers and crafters.


There will be some items such as clothing for sale that is not handcrafted by us or other artists.


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