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Frequently Asked Questions:

If there are any questions that have not been answered please don't hesistate to contact us directly at

We have a 24-hr VM service at 847-238-ARTi as well.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for shopping with us - hope you find everything you are looking for.  Know that your support helps others.




What is the turn around time on custom work?


Most of the items that are custom are made in our studio.  Unless we are out of the supplies it is usually between 2-5 days.  This time varies during the holidays and special occassion times and on the quantity ordered.  We suggest giving it 1-2 week for larger orders.  Also don't forget to calculate for shipping which is 3-7 days via regular USPS mail.


How do I purchase items for Gifts and how do I track Shipping/Returns?


Simply choose items as if you were purchasing for yourself....then you can choose the option of GIFT WRAPPING as an optional item at the end.  You can always write notes in the PayPal fields in case you have a complicated order.   All of the items we send are sent via USPS unless otherwise requested and ALL have tracking info attached to your PayPal order or sent via Email.  Returns are accepted within 14 days (on NON-CUSTOM work) but only after you contact us for RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE.


Can you just create metal items if I have my own necklace or bracelet?


We provide custom charms to other designers as well as the crafty person in all of us.  Usually it will be in the options or as a seperate item in the drop down.


Can you just charge my credit card? I don't have PayPal.


We use PayPal due to the security and peace of mind it provides.  It is good for the buyer and seller since there is never an exchange of information.  But Yes we can by simply running your card via a card reader in person.   But if you are not near us then we prefer you do it online due to privacy reasons.  It is much easier for you to enter your numbers then to have to give us your information and we enter into PayPal.  This also lets us ship directly to your choice of adrress on file.


What is your privacy policy?


It's simple.  We never share, sell or distribute your information.  Simpler than that we do not collect any info accept Name, Address, Email, order info...or anything you provide direct and only for records and to complete orders.  We do not record or keep any payment or financial information since we use PayPal as our main source for payments.


How do I care for my jewelry?


Care is as easy as keeping your items away from chemicals, water/humidty and light when not wearing. 


* Pearl will actually disintigrate if exposed to some chemcals such as vinegar or pool water.  Also chemicals in hair spray will destroy the layer on a pearl so put on your jewelry last. 

* Copper metal as well as others will naturally patina or dull over time.  If it has never been sealed you can polish it with a cloth or copper polish.  You can completely restore copper by sandingit with very very fine sand paper.  Sometimes rubbing flat metal against jeans re-polishes it quickly.  If you woud like to have any items repolished - ever - for any reason .... just contact us.  We are happy to do this for FREE as long as you own your jewelry (just pay S/H both ways)

* Plated metals, chains, etc. should be kept away from water since the humidity and exposire from showering, swimming, exercising can break down the metal that plates the base metal.

* German Silver/Nickle metals are always sealed with a spray sealer.  Only those metals are used for charms and discs never for chains.

* Sterling SIlver and Gold metals can be worn everyday if not with pearls and stones.  To keep the lustre and beauty longer it is recommended that you clean it gently and without harsh chemicals.  Sometimes just a gentle rubbing with cloth is enough.  Trick is that sterling will tarnish less (if ever) if you actually wear it.  Gold may dull but never tarnish although this depends on the amount of gold in it (14K, 18K, 24K etc)

* Stainless Steel is the most durable and can be warn all the time if not with gems/pearls/plated metals.  It resists tarnish and is very strong.  This is the case with Aluminum as well but is a lot softer and can not be polished to a mirror finish like Stainless Steel.

* Gemstones and stones should be taken care of same as metal and you should assume that they can get damaged if not protected when not wearing.  Some are softer and more fragile than others and getting educated on the type you are buying will help match your lifestyle to the jewelry. 


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